Sea Projects Team




    Founded in 1997, by its current President, Daniel Cleary, Sea Projects Alliance is a transportation logistics company. Sea Projects Alliance’s primary function is to interface with either freight forwarders or engineering firms to address all specialized transportation needs that must be tailored in order to effect safe, efficient and timely transportation of projects that require special attention due to the nature of the cargo makeup, such as heavy lifts and oversized structures, difficult destinations, and time constraints.

    Sea Projects Alliance is foremost a vessel and barge charter broker onto which an international team has been built: vessel superintendents, marine engineers and architects, inland heavy lift specialists, rigging experts, and material handling device designers. We also handle inland transportation requirements, air freight, part cargoes and containers.

    We, at Sea Projects Alliance are proud to be proactive and work hands-on for all the projects that we manage. Our staff are always present for all stages for transportation in order to co-ordinate timely arrival of cargo at port of loading. We work with the stevedores to achieve the safest possible handling methods for loading and lashing onto ships or barges to prevent damage to cargo and to avoid injury to stevedores and vessels’ crew.

Our staff also interface with vessel master to discuss possible additional lashing in relation to vessel accelerations and exposure to potential weather during sailing to final destination. At destination, our superintendents ensure proper rigging and safe discharging practices to place-of-rest or on-carrying vehicles.

    Sea Projects Alliance is also 100 percent owner of an in-house company called RHS Marine Canada, which carries an extensive inventory of cargo lashing material and lifting gear. RHS also certifies lifting gear, fabricates spreader and lifting beams, cargo ramps, and lashing fixtures. This company offers welding services on vessels and barges and is also insured with TT Club London as welder and stevedore for 40 million dollars Canadian.


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